We, here at Upness, have always been honest with you. We are “straight shooters”. We are “heart on sleeve”-wearers. We are “sharing is caring” type dudes. So, in keeping with that, here’s an update that effects all of you super swell folks that are waiting for your gear to arrive: recently, our Upness-dedicated office iMac crashed. And by “crash”, we mean died a most horrible death. The details are too grizzly, too horrible to discuss… we are not in the practice of inserting nightmares into your sweet slumber. So, that said (and bad news noted), we are having some trouble getting orders processed and shipped right now. Please give us some extra time to get our goodies into your grubby grabbers (hands… grabbers are hands). We apologize in advance and hope that your big sigh, that no doubt is occurring as you read this, brings in a deep and fresh breath of positive vibes. Vibes, that we could use some of. BUT, in keeping with our brand’s name, that most certainly is not Downness, we will continue to be positive!!! Even if we have to go to Kinkos (like we did in the 90s) to see our business done, we shall overcome. Dear sad Mac face: turn that frown upside-down biatch.

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